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Megan O'Rorke

Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Megan O'Rorke. Before launching AI Collective, I spent 7yrs doing and teaching qual and quant data analysis and technical product design at SF startups (General Assembly), and Fortune 500 companies (Capital One, Sony, Qualcomm).


Fun facts about me: One time at SXSW I helped a startup launch dressed in onesie and cowboy boots. The next year, I gave a talk on a data product. No onsie that time. :)

Pitch your product!
At AI Collective, we build data tools to help small and medium sized companies increase customer satisfaction and save money. We care about people, the planet, and your bottom line.

Our team is machine learning experts, technical and analytic pros, designers, product managers, Hollywood writers, and subject matter experts in: e-commerce, finance, medicine, and robotics.


If you’re doing something that benefits human beings and our environment, we want to give you the strategy, execution support, and momentum you need to apply advances in machine learning to your business. So you can make a positive difference in our world faster, and scale your impact.

As an entrepreneur, what's your main advice for people who'd like to start a business/project?
The 1-page lean canvas is a great place to get clarity. If you want your idea to succeed, you need to get clear on what the real value is of what you’re building, how to execute, who is buying, and what it’s worth to them.
Share one of your productivity tips.
I use to track daily progress on my two big goals for the year. It has a great built-in way to help you reflect and improve on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Do you have a tool that changed your life (for productivity purposes or anything else), that we should check out?
Yes! If you schedule more than 10 meetings a month get It saves me at least 8 hours a week. It is great for scheduling customer interviews. And if you're not interacting with 30 coworkers a day, you can use it to schedule lunches to see more of your friends.
How can you help around?
Ask me over coffee how machine learning/AI can help you scale what you’re trying to do.  
How can the Workshop community help you?
Share our website with your friends and family. Help us shift the balance toward companies using these technologies for the good of people and the planet!
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