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We're having fun defining a new industry...
and want other amazing, high-energy people to build it with us!

Who we are and what we're doing:

Workshop Cafe is defining a new industry: coffee shop co-working! We're a workspace and 3rd wave shop that combines the aroma and atmosphere of a cafe with the technology and creative environment of a hip startup. We already have many startups working from Workshop!!


The Job:


Our space is not designed like a typical coffee shop, and neither is the job description. That's the point. Because Workshop is a unique combo of cafe and office you will not only learn how to become a gourmet coffee guru (from one of SF's coffee masters) but we're also excited to have our staff interact and network with our customers to help them on various projects and tasks throughout the day. This way, you meet cool people, network, and get involved in interesting projects. Send a package for someone that's too busy at the moment, or make a run to the food-truck and pick up burritos for a sales group that's having a meeting. Eventually our customers will learn that you're studying graphic design (perhaps), or are a great photographer on the side, wutever. And then the project opportunities get really interesting! Anyway, that's our long-term goal, but first we're focused on building the most amazing cafe co-working space anywhere in the world as the centerpiece for this hub of activity and entrepreneurial spirit!


Who we're looking for:


We're a true startup and we're all wearing a ton of hats! One day you'll be pulling a perfect shot, and the next day you're running a brainstorming meeting or designing our poster for the front window. So we're looking for smart, outgoing people who have ideas and talents of their own. You enjoy working in a team environment and are willing to take on different roles when necessary. You constantly question "Is this the best way to do this?" and you're not afraid to make yourself heard. It's great if you have coffee experience but it's not a prerequisite because we have a world-class coffee master that will teach you the ropes. We're hiring first and foremost for personality, creative vision, energy, and adaptability. You should be eager to help us create processes and projects that don't exist yet!


Job deets:


  • Hours: We want great people, and we'll work around your schedule to get you. If you're in school or have other commitments and can only work part-time, that's fine. If you're looking for fulltime, we need that too.

  • Pay: Competitive starting pay with eligibility for increase after 6 months of full-time work.

  • The future: This is super early to join this team, and we have big dreams. Potential for growth is all up to you and how much you want to get involved!

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