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We’re so happy to have you here! Now that you’re part of the crew, we want to make your experience awesome. Check out these 12 behind-the-scenes tips every Workshopper needs to know.

1. Walk-ins welcome for meeting rooms

You’re welcome to check into our private rooms when they're not reserved, but we will clear it for a booked reservation - even if last minute. To guarantee uninterrupted time for that important meeting, make a reservation in app or by visiting our staff.

2. Check out our "Quiet Areas"

Looking for a quiet spot? Music levels are lower in the library and in the glassed-in Quiet Room.

3. Hold your fave seat until you get here

On your way to Workshop, you can remotely book your favorite seat from the Reservations tab. We'll get it ready and keep it open for you!

4. No extra cost for monitor seats

Grab a seat with a monitor -- it's the same price as any other seat.

5. Connect in person

Use the community tab to set up your profile and connect with those around you.

6. We have tons of chargers

Forgot your charger this morning? We’ve got tons, just bring your ID to the counter -- we lend them to you FOR FREE!

7. Skip the wait 

Don't feel like standing in line to order food? Skip the wait and order from your phone.

8. Add songs to our playlist

Music is in our DNA. You can contribute to the Spotify playlist anytime by shooting us an email at

9. Host a guest for the day

If you want to host someone at Workshop, your guest does not need to sign up with the app. You can simply provide a credit card and we'll handle the rest!

10. Stay in the loop

Subscribe to the Newsletter below to get updated by email!

11.  Keep an eye on the app footer for updates

Take a peep at the footer of the app to stay in the loop of all things Workshop. We’ll update you on new food items, coffee selections, and availability. 

12.  Get alerts every time we have reduced availability

We will proactively send you an email notification ahead of time when more than 50% of the space is pre-booked or if we have reduced hours.
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