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Join our team

Workshop Cafe is looking for awesome

people to join our team!

“Vibey cafe meets laptop worker heaven”, Workshop Cafe is defining a new industry and building the most amazing cafe co-working space anywhere in the world.  We’re a workspace and 3rd wave shop that combines the aroma and atmosphere of a cafe with the technology and creative environment of a hip startup.  In fact, we already have many startups working from Workshop!

In order to serve our customers seven-days-a-week, early to late, we have multiple shifts per day so customers can choose to stay, work, and eat in our workspace, or take their food and beverage to go.  Unlike traditional cafes, we embrace technology and creative solutions to enhance our customer experience.  Powered by our mobile app, customers can reserve seats in advance with 1-click, HAIL staff to their table, order food & beverage by text, and even see who else is there from our community page.  And, we’re constantly thinking of how to do more!


The Job


Our space is not designed like a typical coffee shop, and neither is the job description.  We are looking for awesome people who want to work in a high-paced, dynamic environment to join our team!  Some days you’ll be the first smile that greets our customers; other days you’ll be the barista pulling a perfect shot.  Everyday, you’ll be Workshop’s ambassador to our customers and ensuring that each customer has an amazing experience. And when you’ve proven that you can excel at these roles, you’ll find even more opportunities to get involved within Workshop. Perhaps you’ll help us expand and enhance our coffee program, develop new processes, launch a new service to our customers, or participate in the design of our new stores.


Who we’re looking for


We’re looking for smart, hard-working, and highly disciplined people who aren’t afraid to master new skills. (You do not need to have coffee experience because we have coffee masters who can teach you the ropes.)  We place a lot of importance in people who have high expectations for themselves and for their teammates, and who are motivated to rock whatever they do for however long they do it.


Above all, we believe in excellence at Workshop.  We strive for excellence in our product, in how we deliver our products to our customers, and in who (namely, you!) we entrust to deliver our products to our customers.  Workshop demands excellence from our people, and in return, our people demand excellence from their teammates and from Workshop.


Hours: We want great people and we’ll work around your schedule to get you.  If you’re in school or have other commitments and can only work part-time, that’s fine.  If you’re looking for full-time, we’re interested in that too.


Pay:  We offer better entry pay than the market, starting at $14.50 with an immediate raise once you’ve demonstrated mastery of the roles (which can happen VERY quickly, it depends on your work ethic and retention abilities).  Full-time employees (30 hours per week or more) are eligible for healthcare and benefits.  Eligibility for pay increases continue based on performance and your skills/desire to improve and advance.  Again, we expect excellence at Workshop and we think you should too.


How to apply

If Workshop is something that you’d like to be a part of:

  • Reply to with your resume and and brief description of yourself (seriously, we want to know something about you so tell us what you are really interested in).

  • Copy and paste the following questions into the body of your e-mail and answer them:

    • What sounds great about this job?

    • What are you concerned about with this job?

    • What qualities and skills do you have that you believe are best for this position and why?

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