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Veni, FiDi, Vici: Great Coffee In San Francisco’s Financial District


by Noah Sanders

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Just across the street from Coffee Bar is the bustling Workshop Cafe, a hybrid coffee shop and cooperative workspace that uses an Apple-approved online concierge system to allow people to book out work spots for a paltry two dollars an hour. Though from the outside, the space looks small, cramped even, walk through the orange-tape-covered barrier in the back and you’ll find the space sprawls into a massive back area with individual conference rooms and quite literally hundreds of electrical outlets to ensure that your computing devices don’t die.


The interior screams start-up—a primary color scheme, random, though appealing art, etc.—and it does so for a reason. The next Mark Zuckerburg might just be enjoying a shot of Stumptown’s Hairbender pulled on the shop’s GB5, tapping away in the seat next to you. The cafe also features beer, wine, an extensive menu of food, and two Kyoto-style cold brew set-ups. Go for the buzz of a communal workspace, stay for a great cup of coffee.




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