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On the Job: Spend your nine-to-five at Workshop Cafe


Monday, October 14, 2013


Independent professionals of the Bay Area, rejoice: We’ve found the perfect place for you to toil away--without spending half of your earnings on rent or suffering a coffee shop’s snail-paced WiFi.


It’s a coworking space called Workshop Cafe, and it has every amenity you might need to affordably and peacefully get your job done. There’s plenty of ergonomically correct seating. There are abundant power strips and blazing-fast WiFi, as well as several high-def wide-screen monitors. There are two glassed-in rooms for taking calls and holding meetings, a white board for your brainstorming needs and, oh yeah, self-serve Stumptown coffee on the patio (on the honor system).


Here’s how it works: Download the free app so you can reserve the precise spot where you’d like to sit (we like the booths). Once you’re there, check in via the app and your hours will be tracked and billed to your credit card at about $2 per hour. You can also place a food or drink order (say, a charcuterie plate from Boccalone or a Cowgirl Creamery cheese pairing) and an on-site waitress will bring it to your work pod.


They really thought of everything. Now get back to work.



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