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FiDi Location

180 Montgomery St, San Francisco CA 94104

  • Semi privacy

  • 650 sq/ft

  • Up to 25 guests

Located right across Embarcadero Bart station, The Looking Glass has a spacious, open floor plan to host any epic event. Our hand-painted, geometric wall art and botanical additions will create the modern, creative vibe. This multi-use space includes 2 conference rooms, 4 booths with plush seating, and exclusive access to the atrium patio located in the 1 Market Plaza building - right next to Autodesk and Google offices!

Sleek, spacious, flexible. The Library is ideal for networking event, karaoke night, or business meeting.


The room’s blue-green color scheme, the amazing art piece by Erik Otto and the eclectic furniture make the space dynamic and appealing. The space accommodates up to 25 people and is closed off with folding partitions. You can use the moveable tables to create a dynamic social space. The raised stage is ideal for presentations and performances.

Ideal for: business meeting, presentations, team offsite, social event.


Planning ahead for your special event

Basic setup, room as-is

  • Max Capacity: 25

  • Min book time: 2 hours 


2-high top tables, rest of furniture removed

  • Max Capacity: 25

  • Min book time: 2 hours


Space for projector and up to 20 chairs in rows

  • Max Capacity: 20

  • Min book time: 2 hours 

  • Additional shoulder time: 1 hour


Up to 5 long tables organized as requested

  • Max Capacity: 20

  • Min book time: 2 hours

  • Additional shoulder time: 1 hour



Technology included:

  • High-speed wifi

  • Projector and/or 60" monitor

  • Microphone System

  • Speakers

  • Whiteboard and markers

Furniture included:

  • 3x 4-person table (12 chairs)

  • 4x 2-person table (8 chairs)

  • 1x 6-person table (6 chairs)

  • 3x 2-person booth (6 seats)

  • 3 big comfy chairs


  • Food available upon request

  • Outdoor patio

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Workshop Cafe offers custom event setups as well.


Contact us at for more info.

Every Workshop Cafe is art-infused, energy-packed, and ultra-comfy. 

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