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Application Process
Show us that YOU are the RIGHT ONE!


After reviewing this ad and considering if this is something that you'd like to be a part of, this is how we'd like to proceed:


  1. Reply to this ad via with your resume or brief description of yourself (seriously we want to know something about you, so tell us what you are really interested in).

  2. Paste the following questions into the body of the text and then answer them:

A. What sounds great about this job?

B. Critique our website. What did we do well? What could be improved? Your response doesn't have to be too thorough, we're sure you're busy. We just want to see how you think about stuff.

C. What are you concerned about with this job?

D. What are your best qualities and skills as they relate to this position?


For people we'd like to follow up with, we'll set up a quick phone screen first, and then an in-person interview.


Questions? Email us at Thanks!

Manager Position
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