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Introduce yourself
My name is Joey Kelly. I was born in Danville, CA and I have lived in San Francisco for the past 8 years. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and inventor so that my work can be something I’m passionate about and so that I can schedule my work around my life, rather than the other way around.  
Pitch your product!
In order to carry out my plan to create a business of my own, I started to pay close attention to everyday tasks that were irritating, bothersome and needed fixing. Scooping protein powder for my daily protein drinks was consistently inefficient and messy. I hated trying to find the scoop which is always buried at the bottom of the container, digging my fingers in my protein repulsed me, I was frustrated every time I got protein on my counter tops and hands and I was stunned by how long the entire process took.
Enter, the EZ-LID! The concept is simple; eliminate the messy, inefficient and unsanitary protein scoop with a protein lid that measures and scoops your supplement for you. After numerous prototypes, partnerships and stacks of patent paperwork we’re ready to go to market!
I understand that the EZ-LID might not solve a problem that affects your daily life; however the EZ-LID means more to me than clean fingers and counter tops. The EZ-LID was created as part of my master plan to live my life on my own terms and ensure I will always be able to do what I love - invent.
As an entrepreneur, what's your main advice for people who'd like to start a business/project?
Start! Talk is cheap. Ideas aren’t worth anything. Execution on ideas is what creates value.
 Share one of your productivity tips.
Every Sunday, I plan out my whole week. I write out my top priorities, then assign them to a day. Plug these into your calendar to hold yourself accountable. ​
Do you have a tool that changed your life (for productivity purposes or anything else), that we should check out?
Instagram has been essential for spreading the word, marketing, branding, and speaking to customers directly. Direct Message in Instagram is marketing gold.

How can you help around?
I am willing to try and help any way possible!  Seriously, please feel free to ask any questions you have. I have become familiar  with manufacturing, prototyping, patent process, Google/Facebook/ Instagram ads, crowdfunding /Kickstarter and more! I have 7 years of contacts and research.
How can the Workshop community help you?
I need your help by backing my kickstarter project and sharing it on your social platforms!
Help me break out of the rat race and follow through on my dreams!
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