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Introduce yourself.
Hey I’m Adrian the Canadian. I started out my career making videos but craved to make something I could touch with my hands. I launched Lifepack on Kickstarter Feb 29th from Workshop Cafe FiDi and the campaign went on to sell thousands of bags to 81 countries!
I’m currently homeless in the most fun way possible, constantly travelling and putting myself in whatever location is most beneficial to the company.
As an entrepreneur the lines between business and personal life are super blurred, but the small bit of personal time I have I prefer to be on something fast…bikes, motorbikes, cars, planes – whatever! ☺   
Pitch your product!
I designed Lifepack in 2016; a solar powered and anti-theft backpack that was originally designed to impress a girl.  The backpack stores enough power for 6 phone charges, includes bluetooth speakers, an integrated lock - and of course, a bottle opener.
Lifepack launched as a 7-figure crowdfunding campaign and the rest is history! I am now on my second product line, the Hustle Collection, and will be launching two new products by year-end. Stay tuned!
As an entrepreneur, what's your main advice for people who'd like to start a business?
Chase your passion – share it with others. Share lots of ideas with others different from you. When you start to hear certain things resonate chase those down with passion and find a way to make a business out of it!
Share one of your productivity tips.
An important lesson that I learned early on is that you cannot do EVERYTHING. Delegating tasks where appropriate will save you time and allow you to focus on your talent. Upwork is great to hire talent at an affordable price!
Do you have a tool that changed your life, that we should check out?
Well, Lifepack legit helps me stay way more productive on the go…. but how about something that’s not me selling?  Noise cancelling headphones allow me to focus and concentrate anywhere – this is a big one for me.
How can you help around?
I’m happy to speak to those looking to start their own companies, helping them find their path to success and also sharing my own experiences! I have relied on mentors to guide me to where I am today and am always open to do the same.
How can the Workshop community help?
Try our bags! We love hearing and stories from how you use and enjoy your Lifepack!
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